Truth by Toy Customized Makeup

What is custom blend makeup you ask? Customized makeup is created exclusively for you. We create foundations, concealers, bronzers, mineral loose powder and so much more. When creating a foundation, YOU choose whether you want a tinted moisturizer or a full coverage look. All skin concerns are taken into account. Oily skin, dry skin, rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation… you name, it we address it!

  1. We start with finding your base shade
  2. We add coverage enhancers and/or mattifiers
  3. We do color balancing to perfectly match your skin tone
  4. We address skin issues by adding the appropriate botanicals needed

Custom blend foundations:

  • Will be perfectly matched to your skin
  • Will be healthy and healing to your skin
  • Are lightweight, super blendable and of high quality
  • Save you time daily having ONE bottle of the perfect shade
  • Very very affordable